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Resources We Love: Home Cleaning and Organizing

Are you searching for routines to follow to keep your home clean and organized? I enjoy giving you tips and tricks for home maintenance for Messies, but routines are not my strength. I have shopped around for you and found two programs that I really like. (There's no affiliate marketing here for either group. Just the usual Amazon.)

I suggest you choose one of these two systems and totally immerse yourself in it for a while.

Think of these two as different "teams" you could choose to follow in your quest for a liveable home.


Skip this one if you don't enjoy a little gratuitous profanity. I, personally, love this group's sense of humor. Follow them on Twitter or join them on Facebook.


I first discovered FlyLady about 20 years ago, I think. Hers is an older demographic, and more oriented to stay-at-home folks, but she has a hardcore following and some really useful ideas that I have used for years. Have I mentioned that she's here in my hometown of Brevard, NC?

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