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Dr. Marie F. Jones

 With a doctorate in leadership and degrees in library science and English, Marie has four books and countless articles published in the fields of librarianship and leadership. She has also writes successful grant proposals to help small nonprofits and libraries better serve their clients.

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To Be the Best by Any Measure

Forthcoming in 2023

By Pat Magee and Marie Jones

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What is the difference between a stagnant company and one that is moving up in the world? 


The Magee Three-Legged Stool offers this formula: Healthy Organizational 

Culture + Ongoing Leadership Development + Comprehensive Strategic Planning = A High Performance Organization. Once High Performance is achieved and 

sustained, only then can an organization pursue the vision “To Be the Best by 

Any Measure.”  


Organizational chaos and authoritarian leadership lead to underperforming companies. With excellent culture, leadership, and planning at the foundation, organizations catapult to the highest level of success. Pat’s unique approach is proven to work in a variety of businesses and nonprofit organizations. 


To Be the Best by Any Measure is the story of Pat Magee who, over the course 

of his career and subsequent retirement, revitalized struggling companies, grew 

stagnant businesses, established new enterprises and mentored many students 

and organization leaders. 


It is a story about lessons learned and lessons applied, innovation and continuous 

Improvement, and how an individual grew to become a leader. As a leader, Pat’s 

primary role was to help and encourage each individual to reach their full 

potential and to inspire ordinary people to do extraordinary things. 

An early reader says...

"Magee's guide to better management gets better and better. There is a remarkable sense of person to person conversation. You are the mentor most every responsible employee (and owner) would like to have. The mix of history, how-to, and continuing story line moves forward swiftly. You are never boring. Thanks for the opportunity to see a truly helpful guide in the making."

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