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Messy is Not Necessarily Disorganized

Part of the Messy Desk philosophy is the understanding that messy does not necessarily equal disorganized. That is, a messy desk or room often has an internal logic. A desk may have separate piles for individual projects or due dates. A bedroom may have one pile of dirty clothes, one of clean clothes, and one of once-worn clothes that are not quite ready to be laundered. For many people "out of sight is out of mind" and regularly used items need to be in a visible and convenient place.

If this kind of messy is your natural organization system, you probably need to let go of the vision of your home as a minimalist space. I know that if I completely decluttered my life and put everything in drawers, all of the horizontal surfaces and wall space in my home would be filled up again within days (if not hours).

However, it doesn't mean that my space can't be both comfortable for messy desk practicality "and tidy enough for company. I have leveraged the messy systems of my life into much tidier systems, and I would love to help you do so, too. Using hooks, open bins, and visual organizing tools can be a great eye-opener.

Certainly, if you are overwhelmed or distracted by mess, you need to do some decluttering and tidy organizing. You will need to reduce the clutter to manageable proportions and return your space to the messy/tidy level where you are most comfortable. You might have an ideal HGTV vision of your home. Consider whether that is useful and sustainable for you, or whether it is an unrealistic expectation. Is decluttering a real priority for you? Or would you like to be tidy enough for company and still have open access to your everyday items? Working with Marie can help you find your messy/tidy balance and give you strategies for organization within your comfort zone.

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