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Note to self: In the shower

It always seems to happen in the shower. Blog topics, shopping lists, and Brilliant Ideas pop into my head and are forgotten by the time I dry off. Monday morning when I rolled out of bed, thinking felt like slogging through a muddy field, but sometime between shampoo and conditioner, the mud started to melt out of the crevices of my brain. It was time for Big Thoughts.

One of the ideas that popped up was, "I can buy myself some of those tub crayons I bought for my great-niece and nephew last year. Then I could write on my white tile shower wall and keep the idea long enough to put it into my planner, or take a picture if I am in a rush."

I was so stoked. This would solve a problem I have had forever. I bought some crayons at my favorite toy store, and tried them during my shower today. FAIL. (Not really--there are no failures, only learning experiences.) But it sure derailed my plans for this blog.

So I got scientific about this and tried a few different options:

Test of wet erase, dry erase, and two colors of tub crayons on tile shower wall.

Conclusions: The wet erase marker, as you can see, is clearest on the slightly damp wall. It also cleaned off really easily. I think the tub crayons would work better if the wall and/or the crayon is drier. The red crayon was dry; the blue had been in the shower with me. The wet erase, interestingly, was the easiest to wash off with a damp microfiber rag. They all erased, but the dry erase took a bit more elbow grease. I wouldn't leave any of these on the wall too long, if you are afraid of staining.

In case you don't like the idea of the wet erase marker, there are products that I found on Amazon that can record your Brilliant Thoughts and Big Ideas. If you search "shower notebooks" you'll find some waterproof pads and whiteboards made for the shower. I haven't tried these, so I am not posting affiliate links, but if you have used them, or any other tool you would recommend, please share in a comment.

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