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Do your best work.

About Dr. Marie F. Jones

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Hello! I'm Marie, the Messy behind the desk at Messy Desk Consulting. I live in the gorgeous mountains of Western North Carolina, and that natural beauty inspires everything I do.

The Messy Desk philosophy starts with the simple idea that every person is unique, and the world is a better place when we nurture our individual strengths and value our individual differences.

With degrees in leadership, education, librarianship, and English, I have been teaching, writing, organizing, and leading for decades. At Messy Desk, I draw on my skills and signature strengths to help a variety of clients find their own paths to success. 

What does success look like for you?

Let me help you get there!

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Group, 1:1, text, and email-based coaching,embracing neurodiversity, and individualized for your unique brain.


Latest Release:

The Messy Planner


Freelance research and writing, including grants, email, and social media.


For libraries and other non-profits. Grant writing, leadership, organizational development, assessment, and collection analysis.