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Holiday Planning Guide

"Oh my goodness, it's December already and I haven't done any of the million things that need to happen before the new year!" Are you feeling that way this week? Would you like a little hand-holding as you walk through the planning?

First, take a deep breath. Focus. You don't have to do all of it. You can pick and choose the most important activities; the ones that feed your soul and your passions. A stressed out mother/father/wife/husband/daughter/son will not make your family any happier or help you build memories and traditions.

Second, download the Messy Desk Relax Christmas Planning Workbook (If you celebrate a holiday other than Christmas, I apologize for the ethno-centrism; the steps and the planner still work just as well for everyone.)

You'll notice when you download the planner, I ask for your email address. I promise that I will not share your address with anyone outside of Messy Desk Consulting (right now, that means I'm the only one that will have it). I also promise that I will try to send only useful emails to you, and that I will take you off my mailing list immediately, if you request it.

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